Nowadays more and more people care about the exploitation(开采)of the naturalresources, such as oil. Though there’re many kinds of resources, with the fast increase of population and the appearance of many more factories, the more we use, the fewer there will be left for the future, Oil is getting less and less year after year. It’s said that oil can last for only 50 years. Natural gas perhaps will last about 38 years.

  Oil can be used in many ways and it’s difficult to imagine what the modern world will be like without oil. But oil isn’t easy to find and get out of the earth. Men must study the rocks. When they think the rocks in a certain place may have oil, a metal tower is built, A machine in the tower cuts a hole down into the ground. At the same time, a steel pipe(钢管)is pushed down to stop the sides from falling in and to keep out water. At last if the men are right, usually the oil rushes up the sides with great force(力量)by the pressure(压力)of the gas in the top of the rock, and it rushes high into the air. If the oil catches a light, there will be a terrible fire. So a kind of cover is fixed on the top of the pipe, and the oil can run out through taps(活塞).

  If we make a well near the middle of the oil field, we can also get gas. Such gas is sent through pipes to towns far away and used in houses and factories like coal gas.

  Today oil is under pressure as never before. The price of oil keeps rising all the time. In many countries, the governments encourage people to save oil as much as possible.

  46.The word “resources” in the passage means ____.

  A.资源 B.现象 C.商品

  47.Which is the right order of the exploitation of oil?

  a. Push down a steel pipe. b. Study the rocks.c. Build a metal tower. d. Oil rushes up.

  A. b,c,d,a B. b,a,c,d C. b,c,a,d

  48.Which of the following can be true according to(根据)the passage?

  A. Coal gas can’t be used in houses and factories.

  B. Oil is very important in the modern world.

  C. Many governments encourage people to waste oil as much as possible.

  49.According to the passage, the right picture to show the tendency(趋势)to the amount (数量) of oil on the earth is ____.

  50.The best title for the passage is____ .

  A. The Exploitation of Oil. B. The Use of Oil C. The Price of Oil


  Can plants eat people? Probably not, but there are many plants that eat meat. Some of them are big. And they can eat small animals. One famous meat-cating plant is the Venus flytrap(捕蝇草).

  The Venus flytrap is a very strange plant. It grows in dry parts of the United States. Its leaves are like the pages of a book. They can open and close very quickly. Inside the leaves, there are three small hairs. If a fly touches one of the hairs, the leaf closes quickly. The fly cannot get out. In about half an hour, the leafpressesthe fly until it is dead. Then, the plant covers the fly. Slowly, the plant eats the fly.

  Why do plants do it? Most plants get what they need from the sun, the air, and the ground. In some places, the ground is very poor. It doesn’t have all these important things, especially nitrogen(氮).Animal meat has a lot of nitrogen, so some plants eat meat to get what they need. Let’s hope that some of the bigger plants don’t get the same idea!

  76.The Venus flytrap is a kind of .

  A.plant B.animal C.food D.meat

  77.The Venus flytrap grows in .

  A.most parts of the world B.some parts of Africa

  C.dry parts of the United States D.wet parts of England

  78.From the passage, we learn that .

  A.all plants can eat people B.all plants can eat animals

  C.some plants can eat people D.some plants can eat animals

  79.The underlined word“presses” probably means in Chinese.

  A.挤压 B.关上 C.打开 D.松开

  80.Why do some plants eat animal meat? Because .

  A.plants are dangerous to animals

  B.animals are dangerous to plants

  C.plants want to get what they need from animal meat

  D.plants want to protect themselves against animals