第一篇: 高一英语阅读理解练习题及参考答案

  Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821, and moved to New York City when she was ten years old. One day she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. That was nearly impossible for a woman in the middle of the nineteenth century. After writing many letters asking for admission(录取) to medical schools, she was finally accepted by a doctor in Philadelphia. She was so determined that she taught school and gave music lessons to get money for the cost of schooling.

  In 1849, after graduation from medical school. she decided to further her education in Paris. She wanted to be a surgeon(外科医师) , but a serious eye problem forced her to give up the idea.

  Upon returning to the United States, she found it difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman. By 1857 Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another woman doctor, managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children Besides being the first woman physician and founding her own hospital , she also set up the first medical school for women.

  1. Why couldn’t Elizabeth Blackwell realize her dream of becoming a surgeon?

  A. She couldn’t get admitted to medical school

  B. She decided to further her education in Paris

  C. A serious eye problem stopped her

  D. It was difficult for her to start a practice in the United States

  2. What main obstacle(障碍) almost destroyed Elizabeth’s chances for becoming for a doctor?

  A. She was a woman.

  B. She wrote too many letters.

  C. She couldn’t graduate from medical school.

  D. She couldn’t set up her hospital.

  3. How many years passed between her graduation from medical school and the opening of her hospital?

  A. Eight years B. Ten years C. Nineteen years D. Thirty-six years

  4. According to the passage, all of the following are “firsts” in the life of Elizabeth Blacekwell,

  except that she ______.

  A. became the first woman physician

  B. was the first woman doctor

  C. and several other women founded the first hospital for women and children

  D. set up the first medical school for women

  5. Eilzabeth Blackwell spent most of her lift in _______.

  A. England B. Paris C. the United States D. New York City

第二篇: 高一英语阅读理解练习题及参考答案

  An expensive car speeding down the main street of a small town was soon caught up with by a young motorcycle policeman. As he started to make out the ticket, the woman behind the wheel said proudly, “Before you go any further, young man, I think you should know that the mayor of this city is a good friend of mine.”The officer did not say a word, but kept writing. “I am also a friend of chief of police Barens,”continued the woman, getting more angry each moment, Still he kept on writing. “Young man,”she persisted, “I know Judge Lawson and State Senator (参议员) Patton.” Handing the ticket to the woman, the officer asked pleasantly , “Tell me, do you know Bill Bronson.”

  “Why, no,”she answered.

  “Well, that is the man you should have known,”he said, heading back to his motorcycle, “I an Bill Bronson.”

  1. The policeman stopped the car because_____

  A. it was an expensive car

  B. the driver was a proud lady

  C. the driver was driving beyond the speed limit

  D. the driver was going to make trouble for the police

  2. The woman was getting more angry each moment because _____.

  A. the policeman didn’t know her friends

  B. the policeman didn’t accept her kindness

  C. the policeman was going to punish her

  D. she didn’t know the policeman’s name

  3. The policeman was _______.

  A. an honourable fellow B. a stupid fellow

  C. an impolite man D. a shy man

  4. The woman was _______.

  A. kind-hearted

  B. a person who depended on someone else to finish her work

  C. trying to frighten the policeman on the strength of her friends’ powerful positions

  D. introducing her good friends’ names to the young officer

  5. The policeman _______.

  A. had no sense of humor (幽默) B. had s sense of humor

  C. had no sense of duty D. was senseless