Have you ever seen the film Traveling Bird? In the film, groups of birds fly high above the sky and cross the way above snow, rivers, fields, sea and grassland. I’m sure you will love the beautiful picture when you see the film.

  But you may not feel so good if you have learnt about bird flu(禽流感)from TV or on the Internet. Some governments had to kill chickens in their cities. A large number of chickens and even some people died in Asia, and nearly 8,500 birds died in Russia because of bird flu.

  Chickens can get bird flu from the feces(粪便)of the passing birds. It is not so difficult to control the chickens in cages or on farms. But it is much more difficult to control the birds in the sky.

  Luckily, scientists have found a medicine for bird flu. But the virus(病毒)can change easily and quickly. So bird flu is still a serious problem we must face.

  66. We know how birds get bird flu from the film Traveling Bird.

  67. Not only birds and chickens but also man can get bird flu.

  68. The feces of the passing birds can not cause bird flu.

  69. It is easier to control chickens than to control flying birds.

  70. Scientists have found the medicine, so we needn’t worry about bird flu any more.


  Over 1,400 university students from 37 countries and regions came to China for the 2006’s World MUN meeting(世界大学生模拟联合国大会). The meeting was held in Peking University from March 27th to 31st, 2006.

  The idea of the World MUN began in 1991. A group of students at Harvard(哈佛)University wanted to make a new meeting to bring together the students who were interested in the world. They wanted to discuss different problems around the world. The World MUN is based on understanding, compromise, learning and friendship. The first meeting was held in Poland in 1992. After that, it is held in spring every year. Last year, it was held in Scotland.

  This was the first time the World MUN meeting was held in Asia. It was also the biggest one in history. The students came from the best universities around the world. During the five-day meeting, they did everything that people in the UN do. Though their skin colors and cultures were different, they had the same wish to make the world better.

  61.The 2006’s World MUN meeting was held in .

  A. Scotland B. Harvard University C. Poland D. Peking University

  62.So far, the World MUN meeting has been held .

  A. 13 times B. 14 times C. 15 times D. 16 times

  63.The word “compromise” the passage means in Chinese.

  A. 友谊 B. 理解 C. 和解 D. 屈服

  64. Which of the following is NOT true?

  A. The students want to travel around the world.

  B. The students are interested in the world.

  C. The students want to discuss different problems.

  D. The students wish to make the world better.

  65.The best title of the passage is .

  A. The First World MUN Meeting B. The World MUN Meeting

  C. University Students D. Problems Around the World