Not at all. 根本就不(用)。

Let"s play it by ear. 让我们随兴所至。

Wait and see. 等着瞧。

Why so blue? 怎么垂头丧气?

What brought you here? 什么风把你吹来了?

Hang on! 抓紧(别挂电话)!

Leave me alone. 别理我。

Chin up. 不气 ,振作些。

You never know. 世事难料。

High jack! 举起手来(抢劫)!

Why die she marry a man old enough to be her father?


I stay at home a lot. 我多半在家里。

She"ll be along in a few minutes. 他马上会过来。

I"m not in a good mood. 没有心情(做某事)。

He is a fast talker. 他是个吹牛大王。

I"m bored to death. 我无聊死了。

Bottoms up! 干杯!

Darling! 亲爱的!

Here we are! 我们到了!

I lost my way. 我迷路了。

She is still mad at me. 她还在生我的气。

I"ll get even with him one day. 我总有一天跟他扯平

Hit the ceiling. 大发雷霆。

She"s got quite a wad. 她身怀巨款。

I don"t have anywhere to be. 没地方可去。

I"m dying to see you. 我很想见你。

I swear by the god. 我对天发誓。

Nothing tricky. 别耍花招。

You might at least apologize. 你顶多道个歉就得了。

Price is soaring, if it goes on like this, we shall not be able to keep the pot boiling.


None of you keyhole. 不准偷看。

Come on, be reasonable. 嗨,你怎么不讲道理。

When are you leaving? 你什么时候走?

You don"t say so. 未必吧,不至于这样吧。

Don"t get me wrong. 别误会我。

You don"t seem to be quite yourself today. 你今天看起来不大对劲。

Do you have any money on you? 你身上带钱了吗?

What is you major? 你学什么专业?

My girlfriend and I broke up. 我和我的女朋友吹了。

It was something that happens once in the blue moon. 这是千载难逢的事。

It is a deal! 一言为定!

I"ll kick you ass. 我将炒你鱿鱼。

Dinner is on me. 晚饭我请。

Say hello to everybody for me. 替我向大家问好。

Not precisely! 不见得,不一定!

That is unfair. 这不公平!

We have no way out. 我们没办法。

That is great! 太棒了!

You are welcome! 别客气!

I have to be late and keep my date waiting. 我不喜欢迟到而让别人久等。

Would you mind making less noise. 能不能小声点。

It doesn"t take much of you time. 这不花你好多时间。

Not in the long run. 从长远来说不是这样的。

It is of high quality. 它质量上乘。

There is nobody by that name working here. 这里没有这个人。

He neither drinks nor smokes. 他既不喝酒也不抽烟。

He pushes his luck. 他太贪心了。

Break the rules. 违反规则。

How big of you! 你真棒!

Poor thing! 真可怜!

Nuts! 呸;胡说;混蛋!

Blast! **!

Boy! (表示惊奇,兴奋等)哇!好家伙!

Get out of here! 滚出去!

I can"t make both ends meet. 我上个月接不到下个月,缺钱。

It can be a killer. 这是个伤脑筋的问题。

Dead end. 死胡同。

Take a seat! 请坐!

Here ye! 说得对!

You ask for it! 活该!

You don"t say! 真想不到!

Fresh paint! 油漆未干!