It is a myth that it is not a price to pay for it。


  Absence makes love warm, and it will make it firm。


  Woman's life is a love of history。


  Everything begins with love and ends with marriage。


  The behavior of the collar is a legal blackmail。


  Money in our hands is a tool to keep it free。


  The best partner of his wife is mr。


  You know, people's life is not as good as people think, it's not so bad。


  Do you want to be a happy person? I hope you learn to eat first。


  People pursuit vulgar, property, vanity, luxury, have always seemed to me contemptible。


  Construction in other people's happiness is not true happiness。


  The true perfection of man is not in what he has, but in what he is。


  Humans are the only animals that are going to be red, or the only animal to which it is。


  Habit is habit, no one can throw it out of the window, but coaxed downstairs a step。


  Life is not a game, so we don't have the right to give it up。


  If love does not allow for differences between each other, then why the world is full of differences?


  A short separation can promote love, but it will be a long time of separation。


  Love is a beautiful song, but it is not easy to write a success。


  Love is like wealth, it depends on the wheel of fortune, it is always in a rough and bumpy。


  When love is satisfied, others will charm you all gone。


  Love is just something for a man, for the woman's whole life。


  Love is the history of a woman's life, but only one of the episodes in a man's life。


  Now the lover is always the best。


  Marriage: love is equal to the contradiction of stupid, then add the root。


  If you need a bright marriage, don't choose a girl in the dark。


  The first love, for the love, after a few times, are just for the sake of fresh and comparison。


  Marriage is like a nothing new but repeatedly replay old TV series。


  Every woman has at least one white experiment in her life。


  Marriage is just a bet, who will not love each other。


  Most of the women were allowed to see, only a few women can talk。


  Big companies are not efficient, small companies have no benefit。


  The married man is: for every beautiful, empty your wallet will be mrs。


  Women do not like the kind of man, because the kind of man must be boring。


  Woman shopping Essentials: never let the money in the wallet to make their own regret。


  Marriage is the reason for the call, the cause of the divorce is a short circuit。


  Really can make a woman to become a wife is not a parent, but age。


  Perfect marriage, is a faithful woman with honest man。


  Don't want both play a good lover, and play a good wife role, because it violated the law even bargain。


  The only person who can break his wife's speech is in the mother-in-law。


  Try the modern love affair with Hollywood movies, and set the more advanced clothing。


  Marriage is the most effective way to think about how to waste life。


  The wife needs all her husband, except her husband。


  Love is like butterfly wings, marriage is it hatched caterpillars。


  You don't pick up marriage, marriage will be critical of you。


  There is a stone, the Faith moves mountains, to the people, sincerely for the opening。


  First is the most noble thought, the second is the money; the light has the money and no the most noble idea of the society will collapse。


  If the pain in return is to get to know the truth, to insist on the truth, it should be consciously gladly bear, then, only then, the pain will be happy。


  The happiness of a serious man, is not romantic, entertainment and laughter this kind of frivolous companions, but in the perseverance and fortitude。


  Happiness is not inherently bad, but some joyful production has brought many times more disturbing than happy。


  The struggle for happiness, however hard it is, is not a pain, but a pleasure, not a tragedy, but a play。


        1、男人爱上女人后,他会做诗;女人爱上男人后,她会做梦。A man loves a woman, he will do; Women fall in love with a man, she will dream。

  2、爱情不是强扭的,幸福不是天赐的。幸福的爱情需要用心去培育。Love is not a strong twisting, happiness is not a gift。 The need to cultivate love of happiness。

  3、真正可贵的东西,不可能刻意得到,那需要同样可贵的缘分。Real precious things, cannot be painstakingly, it needs the same precious fate。

  4、爱情就像公共汽车,你等待的那一趟永远都不开来,你不等的却总是接二连三。Love is like a bus, you wait for the train never apart, you vary but always barrage。

  5、男人喜欢女人的纯,女人喜欢男人的坏。男人和女人始终是矛盾的主体。Pure men like women, women like bad men。 A man and a woman is always contradictory main body。

  6、失败的男人喜欢和别人比老婆,成功的女人喜欢和别人比老公。Failure of men like and others than his wife, a successful woman like and others than the husband。

  7、男人因为软弱常常遭到女人们的白眼,女人凭借眼泪经常博得男人们的同情。Man because of weak often was the women's eyes, a woman with tears often won the sympathy of men。

  8、或许只有在离得最远的时候,才能把曾经走过的那段日子,看的最真确最清楚。Perhaps only in the furthest, ability once passed that day, see the most authentic most clearly。

  9、纯朴无瑕的爱情,具有诚实的品格,装腔作势的爱情,披着虚伪的外衣。Simple and pure love, have honest character, putting on an act of love, the garb of hypocrisy。

  10、真正打动人的感情总是朴实无华的,它不出声,不张扬,埋得很深。Really touched people's feelings are always plain, it is silent and not make public, buried very deep。

  11、男人希望女友经历越少越好;女人却希望男友经历越多越好。Men want girlfriend experience as little as possible; Woman but hope boyfriend experience more many more good。

  12、初恋如同服用了麻药,能让人忘却痛苦,但也能使人失去理性。First love is like taking the anesthetic, can let a person forget pain, but also can make the person lose reason。

  13、爱一个人并不是一定要得到她,而是要让她幸福,这就是你对她最好的爱。To love someone and not be sure to get her, but to let her happiness, this is your best love for her。

  14、爱一个人,会想他,思念他,会把自己的一切全融入他之中,会把他当成是整个世界。Love a person, will want to him, miss him, would put their all into his will put him as the whole world。

  15、要是有人追求,世界上没有一个女人不是飘飘然的。正因为这样,女人才会那么迷死人。If someone pursuit, not a woman in the world is not high。 Because of this, the female talent will then drop dead。

  16、真正的爱情是什么?它既不是甜蜜的话语,也不是亲切的笑容,更不是海誓山盟的誓言。What is the true love? It is not sweet words, is not a kind smile, more is not the oath vows of eternal love。

  17、男人是上帝根据世界的需要而创造的;女人是上帝根据男人的需要而创造的。Man was created by god according to the needs of the world; A woman is god created according to the needs of man。

  18、刻骨铭心的爱情之中不仅有笑,还有泪,在缠绵的爱情之中,有太多太多的伤感与惆怅。Deep-rooted of love not only smile and tears, in the love of lingering, there are too many sad and disappointed。

  19、一个忧郁的女人背后必然有一段不幸的爱;一个憔悴的男人的背后必然有一桩不幸的婚姻。A melancholy woman's back there must be an unlucky love; Behind a gaunt man there must be a bad marriage。

  20、美丽的谎言往往比暴力更伤人,肉体的伤可以痊愈,心里的伤却无药可治。Beautiful lies hurt you more often than violence, physical injury can recover, the in the mind of the wound is no cure。

  21、记住该记住的,忘记该忘记的。改变能改变的,接受不能改变的。Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten。 Alter what is changeable, and accept what is mutable。

  22、不能见面的时候,他们互相思念,可是一旦能够见面,一旦再走在一起,他们又会互相折磨。Can't meet, they miss each other, but when to meet, once again walk together, they will torture each other again。

  23、对于男人来说,最漂亮的女人是不能得到的女人;对女人来说,最潇洒的男人是已经拥有的男人。For men, the most beautiful woman is can't get a woman; For women, the most handsome man is a man I already have。

  24、男人最喜欢买而又最无用的东西是笔记本电脑,女人最喜欢买而又最无用的东西是鞋子。Men like best buy and laptop is the most useless things, women like to buy the shoes and is the most useless thing。

  25、爱情就是给你所爱的人幸福,就是你自己的幸福。只要她幸福快乐,自己苦一点又何妨。Love is to give your loved ones happiness, is your own happiness。 As long as she happy, what are his bitter point。

  26、童稚之爱的原则是:“因为我爱,所以我爱。”成熟之爱的原则是:“因为我爱,所以我被爱。”Love of childish principle is: "because I love, so I love。" Mature love principle is: "because I love, so I be loved。"

  27、一个人最大的缺点不是自私、多情、野蛮、任性,而是偏执地爱一个不爱自己的人。A person's biggest weakness is not selfish, affectionate, savage, and capricious, but paranoid love a not love their own people。

  28、离婚时不要财产的男人,一定不是好男人;离婚时不要财产的女人,一定是好女人。Not when the divorce property of man, must be is not a good man; Not when the divorce property of woman, must be a good woman。

  29、所谓幸福,就是一个笨蛋遇到一个傻瓜,引来无数人的羡慕和嫉妒,风风雨雨,平平淡淡。The so-called happiness, is a fool meet a fool, attracting countless people envy and jealousy, ups and downs, flatly light。

  30、爱情本来就不复杂,来来去去不过三个字,不是我爱你,我恨你,便是算了吧。你好吗?对不起。Love was not complex, come and go but three words, not I love you, I hate you, is to forget it。 How are you? I'm sorry。

  31、女人容易迁怒,爱胡思乱想,烦恼又不是布匹,说剪断就剪断,唯一的办法只有觉醒、面对和超越。Woman easy to angry, love thinking, worry not cloth, says it will cut cut and only wake up, the only way to face and beyond。

  32、很多放弃爱情的,对婚姻失望的,甚至离婚的,都是因为要求爱情一直亢奋,不接受它的常态。A lot of give up love, disappointed in marriage, divorce, even because demand has been stimulated, love don't accept the norm。

  33、男人在街上东张西望被称作心怀不轨,女人在路上左瞅右瞧被叫做明眸善睐。Look in all directions is called a malicious man in the street, the woman left see right see on the road is called looks at to bright eye be apt。

  34、时间是最公正的裁判;历史是最优秀的见证人。你终究会知道我如何爱你,但是,要给我一定的时间!Time is the fairest judge; History is the best witness。 You will know how I love you, but, to a certain amount of time for me!

  35、男人和女人在车里吵架生气,如果是女人开车她会猛踩刹车,如果是男人开车他会猛踩油门。A man and a woman angry quarrel in the car, if she is a woman driving slammed on the brake, if he is a man driving accelerator pedal。

  36、即使不能善待,但那依旧是恩慈,只是幻觉稀薄,即使再剧烈,仍只是烟花,留下的不过一地冰冷的尘埃。If not treated, but it is still a kindness, just illusion thin, even more severe, is still the fireworks, but left a cold dust。

  37、某些人的爱情,只是一种“当时的情绪”。如果对方错将这份情绪当做长远的爱情,是本身的幼稚。Some people love, is just a "mood" at that time。 If the other party wrong will this mood as long-term love, is itself childish。

  38、爱情是生命长河中不断绽开的美丽的浪花,但长河不能因欣赏美丽的浪花而回流不前。Love is constantly bursting in the long river of life the beauty of the waves, but the river can't return back due to appreciate the beauty of the waves。

  39、意见和感情的相同,比之接触更能把两个人结合在一起;这样子,两个人尽管隔得很远,却也很接近。Opinions and feelings of the same, more than the contact of the two men together; This way, two people although far away, but is very close。

  40、男人要是提出离婚,往往是他已经不喜欢她的妻子了;女人要是提出离婚,往往是她丈夫已经不喜欢她了。If a man put forward a divorce, is often he didn't like her wife; If a woman filed for divorce, tend to be her husband didn't like her。

  41、放弃一个很爱你的人,并不痛苦。放弃一个你很爱的人,那才痛苦。爱上一个不爱你的人,那是更痛苦。Give up a love you of person, not pain。 Give up a person who you love, that pain。 Fall in love with a do not love you, it is more painful。

  42、爱情是个很奇妙的东西。有时你会因为它的存在而快乐无比,又是你却会因为它的存在而深陷痛苦之中。Love is a very wonderful things。 Sometimes you may not get happiness, because it's there and you are in pain because it's there。

  43、爱情需要合理的内容,正像熊熊烈火要油来维持一样;爱情是两个相似的天性在无限感觉中的和谐的交融。Love need reasonable content, as flames to oil to maintain; Love is a two similar nature in the infinite sense of harmonious blend。

  44、世上没有任何一种动物,跑得比时间和生命快,赛过光阴的不是速度,而是爱情在两个灵魂之间的慢舞。There is no any kind of animal, run faster than time and life, better than the time is not the speed, but slow dance of love between two souls。

  45、爱情,相信每个人都有对她独一无二的最好诠释。没有一个唯一正确的答案是通用于所有人的,所以从古至今此题无解。Love, I believe that everyone has a unique to her。 Not a single right answer is universal to all people, so it remained unsolved。

  46、爱情的天平加上金钱的砝码,就会失去幸福的平衡。买卖婚姻成交的时候,往往就是爱情悲剧的开始。The balance of love and the weight of money, will lose the balance of happiness。 Marriage deal, is often the beginning of the love tragedy。

  47、思念总是有不得不收藏起来的时刻,而生命里最舍不得,藏得总是最深,且不让人知道。Thoughts always have had to collect up moments, but in my life the most loathe to give up, tucked away is always the best, and do not let the person know。

  48、不管多大多老,不管家人朋友怎么催,都不要随便对待婚姻,婚姻不是打牌,重新洗牌要付出巨大代价。No matter how old, no matter how family friend rush, don't literally take marriage, marriage is not play CARDS, reshuffle will pay a heavy price。

  49、喜欢一个人,是不会有痛苦的。爱一个人,也许有绵长的痛苦,但他给我的快乐,也是世上最大的快乐。Like a person, there will not be painful。 Love a person, may have lingering pain, but he gave me the happy, happy is also the world's largest。

  50、美女喜欢称赞其他女人的衣服漂亮,有钱的男人喜欢吹捧别的男人收入高,最后的结果是把话题引到自己身上。Beauty like praise other women clothes beautiful, rich men like to flatter another man income is high, the end result is the subject upon them。