英语作文可能对于很多人来说不是那么容易,因为毕竟这是一个有一点定难度的题目,那么关于大学专四的作文是怎么样的呢?以下是小编给大家整理的专四作文范文押题: 我们应该欢迎“宅”生活吗?希望可以帮到大家


  The popularization of computer and Internet service has created a group of people called “indoorsy men” or “indoorsy women”. They prefer to spend most of their time at home rather than going outdoors and having face-to-face contact with others. Should people choose to become indoorsy? The following are opinions from both sides. Read carefully the opinions from both sides and write your response in about 200 words, in which you should first summarize briefly the opinions from both sides and give your views on the issue.

  Marks will be awarded for content relevance, content sufficiency, organization and language quality. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks.


  In modern times when we can buy everything we need on the Internet, and communicate and even work through the Internet, becoming indoorsy men or women is simply a choice of different lifestyle. In the past, if you want to buy something, you need to go out of your house, go to the store, and spend an hour or two choosing the product you want to buy. But now you can just sit in front of a computer and click your mouse, and the product can be delivered to you. Being indoorsy can save people a lot of time.

  Being indoorsy can allow people to think and work in a peaceful environment. For example, writers can be quite creative when they are alone at home without being interrupted.

  Being indoorsy does not mean that people will never go out of the door. Indoorsy men or women are good at making full use of the modern technology to facilitate their life and work.


  Some sociologists warn that the indoorsy lifestyle will make people become self-centered and naive. If people stay at home for a long time, they will have little interpersonal contact with others. They do not know how to have face-to-face communication with others, and they may become shy, uncomfortable, or self-centered when they are involved in real-life interpersonal communication. This indoorsy lifestyle will have a bad effect on their normal interpersonal relationship and their normal work.

  Indoorsy men or women spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer, and they seldom attend outdoor activities. Watching the computer screen for a long time will do great harm to their eyes. Also, many indoorsy people do not like to attend sports activities, and in the long run, their health will get worse.




  Should We Embrace Indoorsy Lifestyle?

  With the globalization of modern technology, especially the world-wide access to Internet service, people’s lifestyle has been greatly influenced. Some enjoy indoorsy lifestyle. They hold that indoorsy lifestyle is time-saving and peaceful. In contrast, those against the idea claim that keep an indoorsy lifestyle will do harm to people both psychologically and physically.

  As far as I am concerned, modern technology is a double-edged sword. If we consider it as a useful tool to improve our life, it will certainly bring unprecedented convenience to us. With the assistance of the Internet, one can save his time through working, shopping, or communicating with others at home. Also, solitude isn’t always equal to loneliness. Free from outside interruption, one can be creative and keep his mind sharp. On the other hand, too much reliance on or indulgence in the Internet will certainly have an impact on our normal life and work. For instance, indulging in social network online may corrode peoples’ social skills. To be specific, they may feel lost when talking with people face-to-face, which may affect their normal relationship with family members and friends. What’s worse, sitting in front of a computer all day long means little outdoor activities, which may damage one’s health.

  In conclusion, while enjoying all the benefits the virtual world has brought to us, indoorsy people should also step out of their home and engage themselves in the real world.